A FaceBook Conversation

Today I had my first facebook conversation, and it was with Chad One of Sam’s friends Here it is:

Hello Mr. Mehran. How are you? (I did not know he knew who I was. I checked to see who he was. he was in music in LA and his face a bit familiar to me)

Hi Chad do you know Sam Mehran

Yah. This is one of the twins from the Memorial

I was suuuper close with Sam. His first friend in LA in 2006
We were roommates for a couple years
Do you remember me?


Oh my God, Thank you for contacting. Your face is familiar, but I can’t clearly remember
So you know me, Sam’s father?

Yes. We talked for a while. Ill send u a photo of you and me and my twin brother

We met at Cory’s at Sam’s memorial here in LA

I am crying now! . I wonder if you know I am in the process of making Sam’s website, and I have asked his friends to help me in putting images and videos in his site

I am sooo sorry. I did not mean to make you cry.
Ur son was such an amazing friend to me
I have his name tattooed under the cross on my chest
His friendship and humor and talent meant more than the world to me
And him and I had sooo much fun together
I wish i could hug him and hear his voice one more time
Your son was sooo effortlessly cool. So special. And had more talent in his pinky finger than the worlds population combined. For real.
Im sorry to write so much


No it is good to hear all that I am glad to hear that you had fun with lim . sometimes I think he suffered a lot, no fun

Yeah. Its weird. I mean he was a loner with a lot of friends who made people laugh and inspired people. I never personally saw him sad. Or depressed. And we were roommates for quite a while

Unfortunately i never knew of the suffering.
U raised a bright star, sir.


Thank you

I miss his laugh

Abbas: This is my first Fb conversation, I will post it to his site

It was a pleasure meeting you at the memorial. To see his roots and where he came from was beautiful for me.

That sounds great

Abbas: If you have any more media or you want write anything on his site please send to me: abbasmehran@bigpond.com

I will have my brother send you the picture of you and my brother and I, soon. As its on his phone. So you know who you are talking with. Or remember.

Oh I and Zak have a lot. And i would feel honored to contribute

Abbas: Thank you again and I hope we meet again and sure we will

We definitely will. I’ve been keeping in contact with Darius. He is an intelligent and sweet young man!

Abbas: Say hello to your brother and Zak and friends

Please tell your wife hello from Sam’s friends The Twins

I definitely will. They will be over the moon to hear hello from you!!
Enjoy your day? It is night time here. And if you have any questions or wana hear stories or just to talk or anything, please feel free to message me whenever. On here or email. …..

Thank you and bye for now

Bye for now.