Capturing Atmospheres and Shared Memories

Today I receive a kind and considerate email from Darren Styles. Darren sent few links to be included in Sam’s website. I really appreciate for his email and information he sent. Thank you Darren!


It’s really good to see the website.

I didn’t know Sam personally but I have been a fan of his work for longer than I had realized, and have felt real sadness over these months for the loss of such an inspiring talent. The Outer Limits Recordings and Matrix Metals projects completely blew me away when I came across them (by luck!) exploring on the internet back in 2011 – they are really some of my all time favourite things that bring a lot of happiness. Sam had an uncanny way of capturing atmospheres and shared memories, it was never about nostalgia, I was totally there with his exciting vision.

I found these interviews and other interesting things on the internet and thought you might like to include them on the site? Maybe you can archive them on the website somehow? The internet is a changing place and it would be great to see more material bought together so it’s not so hard to find. Interviews are particularly rare, and they give some really inspiring insights into Sam’s vision.

Listen to O.L.R. SMASH YOUR EGO MIX XOXOXO MIX MAX MR.NICE 1 by paisleymist #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to O.L.R. PARTY HEART OUT X0X0X0 PINK CANDLES MIX 1 by paisleymist #np on #SoundCloud

Love and empathy to you and everybody close.

Darren Styles, England