Love You Forever

Last night, Katie called me and we have a long conversation about Sam, what and who he was and hoe he affected many people, particularly musicians. Today which is his death anniversary, she sent me the following email, and I am posting it here in Sam’s website. Thank you Katie: Hi Abbas, Well it took […]

Beethoven Is Selling Ice Cream

Here is one of the the funniest stories of Sam’s childhood: He was about 4 years old, and he had been listening to the piano practices of her sister Marsha since he was born. One of the songs Marsha practiced was Fur Elise of Beethoven. One day we were going out in car. An ice […]

A FaceBook Conversation

Today I had my first facebook conversation, and it was with Chad One of Sam’s friends Here it is: Hello Mr. Mehran. How are you? (I did not know he knew who I was. I checked to see who he was. he was in music in LA and his face a bit familiar to me) […]

Sam’ Tragedy

As, I mentioned at his memorial night, and I believe, everyone present agreed with me, Sam tragedy, and so many similar and frequently occurring tragedies are our humanity failure. It is our collective moral, educational, parental failure. It is our health-care and mental-care system failure. It is the failure of our government, it is the […]

Sam’s Memorial Night

  Sam’s memorial night, at Cory’s house was exceptionally memorable. All of his friends had come from around the country. For the first time, my family and I had the chance to see that Sam had been loved by so many beautiful, loving and graceful friends. Friends that had come with broken hearts, and tearful […]