Way of Life

Here is another writing about Sam Mehran on WithGuitars: Posthumous release from Sam Mehran (w/ Marion Belle) announced, hear the first single now via Pitchfork  

Sam and Marion

I just received this piece of news today 26 July 2019 https://pitchfork.com/news/posthumous-ep-from-test-icicles-sam-mehran-announced/    

Life-changing Influence

Today I received this email from Saint, an admirer of Sam’s Music. which make me even more proud of my son Sam Mehran, and I am grateful to Saint: Sam Mehran was a very big influence of me growing up. I found his music when I was in 6th grade and I’m now entering senior […]

Zicotic Wonder

The Following video has been put together by Sam’s friend Zak Mering Thank you Zak

Capturing Atmospheres and Shared Memories

Today I receive a kind and considerate email from Darren Styles. Darren sent few links to be included in Sam’s website. I really appreciate for his email and information he sent. Thank you Darren! Hi, It’s really good to see the website. I didn’t know Sam personally but I have been a fan of his […]

An Email from Heart

Hi. My name’s Jesús and I’m writing this letter because, one, I’m still sorry and saddened for the loss of your son, Sam, since he was such a talented human being and was (still is) a big, and I mean BIG, inspiration to me. I didn’t have idea there was a website dedicated to him, […]