Love You Forever

Last night, Katie called me and we have a long conversation about Sam, what and who he was and hoe he affected many people, particularly musicians. Today which is his death anniversary, she sent me the following email, and I am posting it here in Sam’s website. Thank you Katie:

Hi Abbas,

Well it took me a whole year, but reading Darius’ post today finally gave me the strength to write this in my post and I feel happy- or at least at peace- with it.  Please feel free to add it to the website. Our conversation last night also very much inspired it. Sam was so blessed to have a dad who loved him as much as you. I’m so happy we spoke.

Love always,


Sam was more than a music collaborator, more than a dear friend, he was the man I loved, the person I loved more than anyone in my entire life. I felt like I was destined to meet Sam, but didn’t really expect to, after first hearing his song Julie, my life theme song. I didn’t know that we would someday become music collaborators and dear friends. There have been times it’s been hard to hang on, because sometimes I would just rather be with him, but in those times I just write a song for him and for myself.  There’s nothing I wouldn’t have done for Sam and I think- I pray- he knew it. I know he must’ve. Everyone whose life Sam touched understood what a special person he was.  He was full of the joy of life, always with a laugh to share. A born genius artist, of course, but more importantly, one of the nicest people to grace this planet. And that silly cackle. He had a fire in him, too. He was magic, a definite alien boy gracing us with his talent, his realness, and his character. He had so much love to give, I think too much. So much that it hurt him.  There isn’t a day I haven’t thought of him and missed him terribly, but I write a song nearly every day since he died, and I’m more inspired than ever to live for him, since he can’t live anymore. Not here, anyway. My Sam lives on, in our hearts forever, and also in forever. I would still do anything for him, and I know he knows that now. My life will never be the same but Sam made it so magical for me and always will.  Love you beyond, dearest. You’ll never be forgotten, ever, angel.