Outer Limits Recordings – Foxy Baby

Test Icicles – What’s Michelle Like?

Test Icicles – What’s Your Damage?

Wingdings – Wingdings II: Zarathustra’s Puzzle

Wingdings – Return To Earth

Matrix Metals – Moonlit Screens (DJ Mix)

Flashback Repository – Flashback Repository

Explorers – Bermuda Telepaths

The Sweethearts (Outer Limits Recordings) – Burnin’ Through The Nite

Yoga – Black Mass Rising (Various Artists)

Blues Runner – Mind Surfers Installation

James Ferraro/Sam Meringue – 90210

Sam E. Dangerr/Sammy Danger – Various

Sam E. Slaughterr – Various

S. Meringue – Various

S*A*M – Mary Turn Tha Lights Off