Sam’s Memorial Night


Sam's memorial night

Sam’s memorial night, at Cory’s house was exceptionally memorable. All of his friends had come from around the country. For the first time, my family and I had the chance to see that Sam had been loved by so many beautiful, loving and graceful friends. Friends that had come with broken hearts, and tearful eyes to remember and celebrate Sam’s life . I had the honor of being invited and the permission to have a few words about my son, Sam. I had brought the ashes of my son with me and the permission to take it with me to Australia, but my encountering the reality that Sam loved Los Angeles and his friends, I gave his ashes to them so that Sam could stay where he belonged, and with those who he loved and been loved. Yes, the night was deeply emotional, exceedingly sad, and highly memorable. My soul is shattered, and my heart is deeply broken, and crying and sobbing have become my daily ritual. However, I sincerely condolence Sam’s friends, all those broken hearted ones that hugged me and cried with me at the memorial night.

With lots of love and light to allĀ